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**** Got Toast Dog Treats not for sale or resale in Vermont as we are not registered with the state yet.

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NOTICE: We do not use Peter Pan Peanut Butter in our treats we use a Peanut Butter from Hampton Farms which consists of crushed peanuts and oil.

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Got Toast Dog Treats provide you the owner with an all natural way to provide a healthy treat to your dog. All of our products are made with 100% Human Grade Ingredients and we do not use any fillers such as corn or any types of ground up meals. We only want the best for your dog!!

We offer five flavors or our all natural dog treats. These provide a healthy snack for your dog without any of the preservatives or additives of other store bought treats.  Our flavors are Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Softies, Veggie Cheese, Apple and Pumpkin.

We also offer a complete line of Paw Print Packagaging such as our Paw Print bags, Paw Print Balloons, Paw Print Ribbon, Paw Print Boxes or evern our paw print magnets. All of these can help put together a great little Dog Treats Gift Bag or any other animal treats gift bags as we now offer cute cat gift bags for our cat lovers.

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Are you a retailer and want to carry Got Toast Dog Treats? Well please click this link and fill out our contact form and a sales representative will contact you.

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